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the leaves r melting into society on my paper

*the past week*
sam turned 18 :)and i want lisa's grey jacket.
mike came and went and i miss him. he and i hung out alot and he was actually a gentleman...true i didn't need to see him get undressed in katies car but lol, it was funny. I got to hang out with denise last night, went to camila's party on friday, and spent almost the entire rest of the weekend with sky between temple, the circle, and margaurites. mike, katie and i had a sitting orgy, abby and her friend sat in for a bit, then monday we went back to the beach and did it again. I have a date sunday if everything goes according to plan (extreamly excited). guys i need suggestions on where to go! anyone no of any good movies that have come out? ::twirls about:: rayne and wara patched things up...they realized they miscommunicated and are friends now...it was so cool to watch, they acted really mature about it. ::motherly tear falls frum eye::
so its been raining the past two days...i love the rain. i'v played in it lots now and i feel very british. mrs. davis wouldn't let me play durring lunch though, but thats ok cuz my 7th period is cold...yay its raining again!! ::frolics outside::
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