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my sheets r made out of beech trees

What do your thoughts resemble?

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this pic wouldn't show up, i wanna c if it does here...

this week: made ornaments with all-e-sun. went to drum circle 3 times. went to margaruites-met the hott new firedancer, and Shad. Shad rules. i had a turkey sandwich on christmas day. four people i know died. i saw 7 years in tibet, gathered my life together and completly changed how i see life. i don't hate it anymore. its just a vacation from my home. thats all. so, i'm bloody gonna enjoy it :) i'v felt extreamly spiritual and have really connected with my higher self.
went to dave's party on friday and saw lord of the rings. i'm going to learn that back*filp thing legolos does. plan to be able to achieve this great feat:
1) buy horse
2) buy 2 chineese wives
2a)one works to earn money to pay for horse, the other takes care of horse
3) find that drunk guy on the beach and have him teach me ti-chi.
4)dig up albert einstein, he'll know how to defy gravity
5)kidnap energizer bunny, he'll no how to build up my arm muscles.
6)bleach hair
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