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Experience means you've just had more time to make mistakes~Rayne

almost got in 3 accidents thiss weekend. one my fault, two stephanie. the npoor thing got scared so i drove for her. i'm thinking of buying her car. i love it. steph and i went to the beach, i'm burned!! :) yay! today i did something i'm ashamed of. won't say it. but otherwise i had a great day. got to see rayne for about 3 hours. nick drove me home. ::thanks nick!:: it more fun to talk to him than ride the bus. i think he and i might b able to b friends. but i showed him that i'm a pointless friend so who knows. what must be will be. mike's coming into town tonight and i'm extreamly excited. even though i'm not going to fuck his brains out like i thought i was going to about a year ago. but its better this way. what rayne said to me: "sex can't mean nothing with someone like you danielle, its either positive or negative and u know damn well he isn't positive for you."
Today i spent the day remembering last year. how denise and i hung out almost every single day. i miss that severly and i really wanna c her this week if we can work out a day she and i aren't both busy. if i can find out what day the show is maybe i can go w/her. if shes working tonight i might b able to go visit her if i can have the car then. i think u can play connect the dots with my sunburn. ::grabs a marker::
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