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Wish Alice Cooper was right....schools only out for 2 days. lol

first friday of the year and i'm fnally back in my school pattern. i have about 3-5 hours of homework each night so i'v come to the conclusion that a job is out of the question. i miss my friends and i miss ALSO. i didn't get to go all summer and i miss the people there. rayne has three consecutive periods with me and i'm extremly happy about that. we do al this spiritual stuff during class. yesterday we played with eachothers energies. i'v never actually commanded mine in this astrial level and i figured out how toastrial project..finally. lol. i'm still weak at it and don't leave fully but i know whats blocking me and i don't wanna deal with it right now :) mikes comming into town monday night!!! YAY! i've missed him alot and can't wait to c him:) other people i miss tons:
Everyone at ALSO
Matt (leaving for college)
Dan (leaving for college)
And Sky, shes always near me now but i miss seeing her in person and stuff..
anyways, rayne is going with me tomm night to the crcle and i'm very very excited. shes the first person i'v ever felt at home and trusted right away. i loved people right away...like the silly teenager i am, but i'v never trusted someone right away. I'm so happy shes come into my life and that we both feel the same way about each other. shes helped me grow in so many ways this week and just helped me to stay true to what i want in life.
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YAY for Micheal.

ALSO, when shall we go? Tues, Wed, Thurs or Friday??? Tell me the night before, so u can just come home w/ me... or so we can figure it out. :)

Oh, GSA meeting Tuesday, michael is making me go. LOL