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Dancing on the Moon

went to the drum circle with camila last night :) missed abby's party but denise and i are plotting to avenge our...is misdeeds the word? anyways, went to the circle. and i have this to say about sky: she is the most loving and generous person ever :) she sees me for who i want to be. and i'm still in aw over what she said to me today at margaurites...getting ahead of myself. after saterday night drum circle i came home real quick, then camila and i wentto her house where we had a girlz night and a sleep over. went to church with her today instead of the temple, and you no, i like her church. they didn't pressure me, they thought it was cool that i was buddhist, and i was completely welcome :) after church i went to margaurites lil get-2-gether. sky showed me around...that place is heaven on earth! it has a lake, spiritual house, wood everything, a future lotus pond ::huge grin::, tons of gardens and paths in the jungle atmosphere. i met some cool spiritualists there and while sky showed me around,, i realized that sky is making all od my major ambitions and dreams available if not helping tem to come true. i won't say what she said cuz it was private, but i still can't believe she has that much faith in me. not that she can't trust me, cuz i would do my best for her always, but i mean i would never hurt the circle knowingly. its just that i'm young...lol. anyways, i came home and just as i was about to head to the next circle...the skys opened up with my dear friend rain. so i threw my new veil over my face, climed into bed and started reading my book. ::sighs happily:: i love the rain :)
**comment on denise's journal**
denise, we must talk about that friend thing, tha is if its ok wth you... oh, our locker is 1716, i'll try to come see you at lunch to give you the combo. :) ::goes into mom mode:: have a good day at school sweetie!! ::wipes snot from her nose cuz every kid always needs that done::
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