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Bitching because i need it to go away.

today has been interesting to say the least...lol. i woke up and had my period. i get to school and theres a huge line even though i got there a 1/2 hour earlie. get schedule, i'm missing classes i need to graduate. get locker. its a bottom one. go with steph so she can get a car space. "bob" is behind us. now that i won't commit my life/hymen to him i'm not worth speaking to apparently. i have to go to the bathroom, i finally found one thats open, the wind from hte door closing fast blows a twenty dollar bill outa my hand and into the toilet. luckily this toilet wasd only Half covered in green school mold. get back in line with steph. people keep asking me what my car looks like. then they look at me like i'm dumb when i say i don't have one i'm only in line for steph. "kisha" then brags about how she got into my art class cuz shes an art genius. shes only had 2d art, she can't shade. i worked my ass off to get into that class. dad comes and hour later to pick steph and i up. go to dentist. and i got a free bleach thing (best thing and the greatest thing that could happen all day thank you so much denist lady!) go to wendy's. there mold on my sandwhich. i went to sleep when i got home and everything is better. come to the conclusion that i don't need to graduate, have a bf or gf, have a car, or a good senior year. i'm figure in ethipoia u don't need a degree to be a doctor. and maybe i'll have a tiger for a pet with a pritty tail like this )~
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