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Reading this book called "left behind." i really like it even though it has to do w/ christianity because its about the rapture, which i'v always found interesting. I started questioning the little things in life today. i made myself look at certain people and c what i love/hate about them and now i love my mom a hell of alot more than i did waking up this morning (i loved her then to though.) demons were in my house again. sent them away cuz they bothered giga(my dog.) i stared at the leaves while it was raining. i love to do that cuz these little epiphanies just pop out of my mind like buttered popcorn. There fun to munch on later. the finality and chaos of life is mind boggling at the momoment. the chaos is orderly but its hard to fit it together...matt and i hung out last night. brett was completely off the walls and annoyed us to near death (his.) lol. but otherwise we had fun making smoothies and watching a nightmare before christmas (i taught him how to draw to.) oh, if any of u guys have any tricks for making dream catchers stay stuck in the ceiling please tell e. i'v tried gum, tacs, tape, and crazy glue so far. thanks :) ok, gota go and wake up early tomm. and for the record, i Do Not have a car, i Am Not getting a parking space because i would have nuthing to put in it. unless i resteal my orange cone. that would make me happy as a clam on thanksgiving~~~you figure it out. ;)
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