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Entertwining Wisps of Smoke

Dali was fun :) well, i should say, the museum of fine arts was really fun, dali i don't remember. as the tour started i had the most brilliant thought of my life and then passed out. woke up an hour later in a wheelchair. Ali, with a giant patch over her eye wheeled me around and took care of me **Ali is the bestest friend ever**
started work saterday-loved it. hated it by monday. but it makes decent money, and it its really slow paced (i like it fast) but thats cool. everything that happens is ment to be. I want to leap up and fall into the black starlit sky right now. see my family away from home... life has rebloomed yet again in my eyes.
saw one of my old best friends today. shes 4 months pregnant. everyones getting pregnant lately. thank god i don't go for the kind that have sperm... ewww. spermies.
i'm actually doing a pastel i'm proud of in art. i'm listening to audioslave right now. theyre guitar helps me think...just let the notes take me away to higher planes where frequencies are used for communication.
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