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Betting... i see y its addicting.

I was in my art class for 5 periods yesterday painting a "posturly" incorrect portrait of the lovely goddess Tara. she has boobs...i hope i can still put it in the art show. otherwise its this picture everyone loves but i think is extreamly talentless and stark. i just used my meterials differently than everyone else. i skipped school today and went gamboling with my grandma. first time we've ever done it leagally together. since the age of 3-17 i had to hide under the table while she distracted the guy in charge. i made 20 bucks. won 6/7 races. ::happy dance:: i can buy my busch gardens ticket now! wa hoo! i love my grandma. she isn't like normal old people, i mean, shes set in her ways and has grey hair, but what grandma world drag her grandkid outa school, let her drink, and then take her gamboling? she can do the coolest watercolor pics. she taught me almost everything i know when it comes to art...and spelling unfortunatley (bad speller);) heh. anyway, its earliy (only 10 pm) i'm outa here. sam/denise, any of u know whats goin on tomm? i can get the car, we just may have to drive to fruitville to get it. i emailed u guys.
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